Is the car park located far from Balice Airport?

Our car park is just a kilometre away from the airport, In Szczyglice, at the junction of Krakowska and Stanisława Kmity Streets (GPS coordinates: 50.085601, 19.809245. You can also enter "ParkujGo" in Google Maps search bar).

Is it necessary to book parking space in advance?

No, but otherwise we cannot guarantee there will be place for your car. Best if you reserve parking space a few weeks ahead of your departure. If it is really urgent, call us and maybe we will be able to find you parking space even for the next day. This, however, may prove really difficult in the summer period or at long weekends.

I've changed my plans. What about my booking?

You can cancel your reservation without any problems. We won't charge you any fees on that account.

How will the parking staff take care of my car?

The car park is guarded 24/7, it is fitted with a top-end CCTV surveillance system and professional lighting, so your car is safe with us.

Will you transfer me from the car park to the airport at night, too?

Yes. First planes take-off from Balice at around 6 am, so it is enough if you arrive there after 4 am. We will drive you to the airport and pick you up at any time.

My plane's arrival in Balice will be delayed. Do I have to inform the parking staff?

This won't be necessary. Once you have landed, just call the number on the back of your parking card, and order transfer. We will be there within a few minutes.

Can I leave my car at the car park if I am leaving for a month?

Of course. Reservations of up to 30 days can be done through our website. However, if you are planning to leave your car for an even longer time, contact us to establish the details of your individual offer.

I often depart from Balice. Can I buy a fixed package?

If you have a company and your employees often fly on business trips from the airport in Balice, write to us. We will present you an offer for companies such as yours.

Can I ask somebody to pick up my car from the car park?

Yes, but on some conditions. The person to pick up your car must hold a written authorisation with your signature, an original parking card, and the vehicle registration card. Also, such person will be required to present an ID document and to sign a written confirmation of vehicle collection.